Learning on the job

Siebelina Ooms

Are you still studying or thinking about starting a course? Why not combine learning and sailing on a BBL Inland Navigation Skipper or Inland Navigation Sailor training programme. You learn the theory at a shipping school, the rest on board with us. Wijgaart Shipping is a recognised inland navigation apprenticeship company and we’re always looking for apprentices who want to learn the ins and outs with us. And once your training is complete, your learning is far from over. We offer ample opportunities to continue to grow. Coming aboard?

At home with Wijgaart

We make every effort to ensure you feel at home with us, so you can get the best out of yourself. You will work in a close-knit team, with good equipment and plenty of variety. Curious about what it's like to work and learn with us? Trainee skipper Lennaert will spill the beans!

Wijgaart as an apprenticeship company

At Wijgaart Shipping, we are going full steam ahead; so will you. During your training aboard, you’ll learn from our experienced crew and develop yourself every day.

  • Receive a salary during your training
  • Learn the tricks of the trade on the job
  • Genuine concern for you and your ambitions
  • Good employment terms and career development opportunities

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